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moonseoul asked: cum back i miss u ok

except I played animur crossing with you all day huhuhuh

Title: It Was A Good Day
Artist: Ice Cube
Album: The Predator
Played: 408 times

Lol, some more non-sims related nonsense from yours truly. How’s life, guys?


What’s up, guys? I haven’t been really on here at all lately (besides throwing in my random selfies/fangirl moments from recent concerts) and I miss you all! I got a new 3ds ♡ and I’ve been consumed in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Even made a blog for it! It’s fun and addicting so I’m probably going to be doing that for a while.

I’ve considered leaving the community just in general because of lack of motivation to even play/loss of interest in the game because I’ve been so preoccupied with irl things/ACNL. BUT! That’s still to be determined since I’m assuming this is just a phase but we shall see in the weeks/months to come.

I’ve replied to most asks/fanmails that have been piling up. Hope everything is going good with you all and feel free to talk to me whenever, here or twitter! Don’t forget about lil’ ole me!

xoxo, K ♡

Don: The fuck is your manners? We have guests.
Davi: Haha my bad. Aye, girl, sup?
Krystal: Hey you! It’s lame that Nae had to work tonight.
Davi: Naw, she prob be all up in my ear about something if she was here anyway. So it’s good, haha.
Don: This is Mav, you remember him right? You already know Javar.
Javar: Who’s your friend?
Don: Oh yeah this is — *turns to Kaizzle* What did you say your name was again?
Kaizzle: Kaizzle.
Don: Whatchu say, Hazel?
Kaizzle: It’s like Hazel with a K.
Javar: Oh that’s some that exotic shit right there. That’s dope, shawty.
Kaizzle: Thank you? Haha …
Don: … This dude something else.

Krystal: Sorry we’re late Don, it was traffic?
Kaizzle: Is it halftime yet?
Don: Traffic my ass, hah. You remember the crew, right?

Javar: Damn man, at this rate I’m ‘bout to lose that two-fifty. Shiiiit.
Davi: What I tell you? Hahaha. You and yo’ overconfident ass.

Don: Look who finally showed up.

Don tried to dash toward the door but Maverick held him back as Javar started to get up. Javar laughed and started to walk toward the door until Don made a break from Maverick’s hold and reached for Javar’s shoulder.

Don: Man! Ya’ll play too much!!
Javar: Hahaha, it’s payback!!
Mav: Wow, why you stressin’ so much D? It’s like you ain’t never had a girl over your house before hahaha.

Don: *clears throat* I’ma get that.
Davi: *smirks* Nah, bruh you relax. Let Mav get it for you.
Don: Huh? Nah, cuh, I’ma get it.
Mav: Bruh, we insist
Don: *sideeyes them …. then bursts into a run*