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Mav: I’m out.
Nicki: Wait, where are you going?
Mav: Why does that matter now? *walks off*


Drake: What’s up, M—


Mav: You know what I meant, damn, why is it now whenever we have a conversation you’re always throwing tones?
Nicki: Maybe because you’re always instigating.
Mav: The fuck you mean instigating? I’m just trying to talk to you — can I not do that anymore?

footsteps and rustling out in the hall

Mav: *looks over, nods his head in realization* I see you brought your boy.
Nicki: …


I named her Eva but honestly she looks a little like Meagan Good. Me gusta mucho, though. ♡

Nicki: Miss me? It’s not like I’ve gone anywhere.
Mav: Nick, I’ve barely seen you since we got to Miami.
Nicki: You know I have stuff to do even when we’re on vacation —
Mav: Since when did your work ever get in the way of us?
Nicki: “Us”?



J Cole for simstaplease! I’ll send you the HQ right now :) 

Krystal wanted monochrome + gold. 

I kid you not, I had a tear in my eye. *internal screams of joy* I was actually using the HQ picture of him that you used in this wallpaper before and now it looks so much more amazing with your edit. I just — my heart is so happy.


We came straight from the bottom to the top, my lifestyle.

TS4 — Adonis Grey (v1)

Yo, this is really hard! I couldn’t find a skintone and eyebrow that matched his TS3 ones but I guess these will do. I’m not a fan of some of the restrictions of the face but hopefully it will get easier for me. It kind of looks like him, but I’m not satisfied yet. :(