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frosted-obsidian replied to your post: me and old boy started using the kissy…

WHOAH CALM DOWN THERE BUDDY. Next ya’ll start usin 👀🙊👅💦😳 and shit and the rest is history

LMAO I hope it doesn’t go like that …


crumplebutts replied to your post: me and old boy started using the kissy…

Not in the slightest :)

thenoisyneutron replied to your post: me and old boy started using the kissy…

YAAAY! <333

you guys are the bestest *kissy emoji*


back from jury duty omg, turns out final exams is an accepted extraordinary excuse… wow I could’ve saved myself the trip and waking up at 6am

long story short, I NEED A NAP because cranky


Request by thatdarnsimmer — Eileen Dupree
CC List Included.

Don’t claim as your own, use them as a base to your creations, alter their facial features, or reupload them anywhere! THIS INCLUDES MY PREVIEW PICTURES. If you decide to use them in anything all I ask is to tag ‘simstaplease’ just so I can see what you guys use them for!

A Blasian female with the Asian features slightly more pronounced. Did I miss the mark or nah …? I haven’t done a request in ages so I feel like I failed miserably. Regardless I hope you might find her useful! Thanks for sending in a ‘how well do you know me meme’! ♡

DOWNLOAD (.sim/.sims3pack) — Private Download

averisimblr asked: When did Adonis get his first tattoo? Why and what does it mean?

Adonis: I got my first tattoo when I was 17, haha. The artist was my boy’s older brother so he didn’t bother with the details about me not being 18. It has no real meaning other than it was my nickname because … well you can guess, aha.

(This was really hard to answer because I’m I don’t know the first thing about making tattoos and I have always wanted to make personal tattoos for Adonis but I don’t know how to yet lol. So wah, technically his tattoos are not unique or have any real meaning to them since anyone can have them/download them from mts. ;__; I’m going to only answer one tattoo question because now I’m more motivated than ever to learn how to make personal tattoos for him that HAVE meaning.)

Tale il padre, tale il figlio — “like father, like son”

Deon and Asos are brothers (outer left and right) making Davi and Adonis (center) cousins.

Wow cries, I didn’t think anyone actually paid attention to me and my nonsense. You deserve all the awards, and in that case you get a sim request yay! Message me the deets. Thanks for sending one in!

WAH you did really well too! Thanks for sending one in!

A+ for effort. :’)

Adonis: So this is my old man.

simophrenia asked: Adonis, I have a few questions. Who is your musical influence and is there a special lady in your life?

Adonis: I’ve always been into slow jams ‘cause my moms and pops would stay playing vinyls all the time. My house always had music playing and my mom was always singing. So I guess my parents; That probably has something to do with why I like DJing.

I think ya’ll know by now who my special lady is.