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I'm Krystal. This is my little ole' simblr. I mainly post on the weekends. Note: Please do not ask for a follow back, sorry. — /

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Favorite townie makeover thus far, Molly French. She’s dating Kreayshawn in my game lol.

I’ve been going around town and updating certain sims from my sim bin. Harry’s one of them. Still really love his face.

I started playing the oldest save I still have in my main menu and I’ve been having a good ol’ time just playing it for fun. It has all my old characters around Sunset Valley (1D, Sam and Dean Winchester, Maz and Andy, and old random townie makeovers) and of course my household is just my simself Krystal.

I don’t know if I should take pictures or not but it’s been awhile since I enjoyed just playing like this. :)

Townie makeover for fun. Joel Vidal.

I just need appropriate tattoos. D:

Hi. This is a WIP.

unknownboy11 asked: Does your Nicki have Twitter someone is claiming she is theirs.

Lol, nope. My Nicki Minaj does not have a twitter and there has been a couple times where people have used my pictures without permission or what’s even weirder is when they claim they’re actually me. I only have two twitters for RP and one real personal.

Around 2:00am

Nicki: Hey …
Mav: *turns around for a moment before continuing* Just coming home?
Nicki: *laughs softly* Mhm, what are you up to?
Mav: I was just messing around. I’m kind of rusty … remember when we used to sit down and make shit up on the spot? Write songs and whatever.
Nicki: *her smile fades* … yeah.
Mav: It’s been awhile… *he stops* I miss you, Nick.

Don: You should probably get on my left side.
Krystal: Why?
Don: I need my right arm just in case someone comes up and tries to rob us. Left side’s safer.
Krystal: Hahaha shut up.