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Simsta’s Birthday Goodies (Part 2) — Chicago Bulls Child Tanks (TS4)

It’s still my “birthday weekend” so to speak haha, therefore, more goodies for you! I made these for personal use at first but I think a lot of sim kiddies could find them useful. If you didn’t check out the sims 4 sims I uploaded into the gallery, check them out here in Part 1. Enjoy!

- 4 Recolors, Unisex
- Non-Default, easy to find as it shows up as a new clothing choice.

Mesh by EA.
*Image/Logos are NOT mine. I take no ownership/credit. Credits as follow: CigDesigns, Joshua Rivera, Lock96, Timmy Sue

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osnapitzjames asked: OMG KRYSTAL! Typically on your birthday i take the day off as a day of rest out of respect for the queen of the sims side of tumblr. however it would seem that amidst the festivities, i forgot to wish you a happy birthday! so happy belated birthday krystal!! long may you reign :))

LMAO I am dead. James, I seriously live for your messages in my inbox because they never fail to make me laugh or smile. THANK YOU for always showing love to my sims/creations. You actually sent this on the day of my birthday so you didn’t miss it at all. You’re amazing, thank YOU! ♡

I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me a message, either through here or through the post last night (78 notes, WOW! ;_;). All of these wonderful messages just make me feel so loved and I appreciate the time you guys took to send a little something my way! I love you all!

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Simsta’s Birthday Sim Dump! — TS4 (Listed left to right)

Don’t claim as your own, use them as a base to your creations, alter their facial features, or reupload them anywhere especially paysites! 

Today is my 21st birthday and I thought what a better way to celebrate it with you guys then give you all some gifts. I did my best to list all of their CC above. Enjoy! ♡

Installation: Search “#simstaplease" or my Origin ID: horvejkul in the TS4 Gallery to add these sims to your game.

virginyuki asked: Happy belated birthday day Sweety. Amuse-toi bien 😁

Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

ultrasimx asked: *clears throat, grabs microphone and begins to sing* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA *claps hands in the air and shakes my hips* HAP-PY BIRTHDAY TOOO YA, HAPPY BIIIIIIRTHDAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Yaaasssss. Hope you have a great day Krystal but don't turn up too much without me, xoxoxo (:

HAHA Awww love you Nicole. Seriously this made me smile, thank you! I can’t turn up because j have school most of the day but I will definitely do it big this weekend. Aye! ;)


WAH so cute! YAAAAY! *hug tackles you* thank you so much my dear! ❤️ xoxo

omgsims2 asked: Happy Birthday to you <3

Thank you very much! :3

nernershuman asked: Happy 21, Krystal! I hope it's wonderful and special and all those things!

Awwww thank you, lovely. It means a lot! :’)

killuhforniasims asked: Happy Birthday lovebug!!! You're 21 now and that's a big deal. Turn up this weekend!!😁💋🎁🎂🎉😋

I most definitely will!! I am so ready for this weekend, you have no idea. Thank you so much for the love. 💕

P.S. — I’m going to post a couple birthday messages and I will tag them later when I’m at a PC but in the meantime, bear with me! Thank you~