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I keep making random short-haired sim chicas, lol.

Random Follower’s Gift — Rolled-Up Sleeves Shirt (TS4)

Huzzah, I have joined the TS4 custom content making bandwagon. It wasn’t too difficult and I have to say I’m really pleased with these! I hope you guys can find them useful for your sims. Tested for full game, not CAS demo but feel free to let me know if they’re causing you any issues!

- 5 Recolors
- Non-Default, easy to find as it shows up as a new clothing choice.

Mesh by EA.
*Image/Logos are not mine. Credit goes to respective brands. 

DOWNLOAD (.package only)

*sheds a happy tear* ;__;

And then there were three. My original baby Maverick. :’) The entire crew (minus Davi b/c can’t find suitable hair) are now TS4-ified!

Javar recently moved in with Adonis and Krystal because they’re helping him get settled in town but I think Javar just realized he moved into a home with two very loud twin babies.

SPEAKING OF BROS — guys, look who I made! It’s Javar, TS4 version. :’)

Don: Little dude looks just like me, right?
Cam: …

Adonis got himself a bro to watch games with (since I have yet to make Mav, Javar, and Davi) but I was mad that I couldn’t even tell he was actually a teen. -_-; THIS SAME HEIGHT THING IS NOT COOL, EA.

Two fussy babies are not always twice the fun. :o



(Sailor Moon edition, b/c why not? :3)

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