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Hi all! Sorry for being MIA lately but I have been asked about my method of sorting/organizing my CC and I thought I would share. To be honest, it’s really extensive and tedious but I do believe it helps with how my game works. I decided to post this just in case anyone else finds this useful! This took forever and a day to write so BEWARE: This is a lengthy post!

What this tutorial doesn’t teach you:

  • How to merge packages
  • How to use third party programs
  • How to decrapify files

Now, let the journey begin!

Generally, loading doesn’t take more than 5 minutes on the first load and if I exit the game and start it up again it doesn’t take more than 2-3 minutes.

  1. Downloading — First I download the item of CC to my designated folder which I call “TS3 Content” and then I unrar/unzip them if need be.

  2. Sorting — I move all .sims3packs into a separate folder on my desktop labeled “convert” which I will deal with later.

  3. Renaming — If the CC is in .package form then I rename it according to this method: Category-What-Gender (if applicable)-Creator-Description. Like so:

    Or say for something like decor:

    If the CC is in a .sims3pack form (which we’ve already placed in the separate “convert” folder on the desktop), I convert it to .package using
    Delphy’s Multi-Extractor. I take the extracted .package files and rename them according to the method I stated previously.
    CAUTION: It is known that some modular furniture such as cabinets, counters, and sofas do not function properly if you convert them into .package form. However, some of my modular furniture work just fine. It’s a matter of testing it out. If you don’t want to risk it or if it cannot be converted, installing in .sims3pack is fine. I just prefer .packages better because I loathe the TS3 Launcher with a burning passion.
  4. Compressing — I take all the renamed .package files and place them in another folder on my desktop which I labeled “pkgs” so I can sort them to their proper place in my Mods folder.

    But before they get sorted out, I compress the files using Compressorizer Redux. This basically means to reduce the size of a file. Some files are already compressed, some aren’t. I always like to run everything through the program once anyway. This step is not necessary but it does save space on your hard drive!
  5. Organizing — These next two steps are the most tedious parts but the most important! My mods folder is organized like so:

    There’s subfolders in each folder. For example, my “Clothes” folder has a subfolder for each gender and age group: adult female, adult male, elder female, elder male, teen female, teen male and so on and so forth.

    Here’s the plot twist — I have a completely IDENTICAL folder (meaning the folder and subfolder infrastructure are exactly the same as my mods folder) in my Documents which you might have noticed in the first picture called “TS3 Backup” — this is the folder where I keep all the renamed package files intact.

    What Krystal? Why ever would you need this backup folder?
    Well dear friends, for exactly what it’s named for: a backup! Because in these folders is where I put each piece of CC into its appropriate category and sub-category.
  6. Merging — NO NOT MERGING?! Yes, merging! I use S3PE to merge my files. I know a lot of you guys despise “waiting” for your files to merge but honestly merging takes me about 5 minutes or less tops. Why? More organizing! Essentially when you try to merge less files per each merging session it equates to a significantly lesser merging time. In each of the main folders/subfolders I separated the files into more subfolders which I’ve named “Build #” and in each folder I place 100 files in each. Sometimes if the files are larger, such as clothing and hairs, I put 50 files per each Build folder.

    As you can see, my current clothes folder has 7 Build folders. I merge the files in each Build folder and name them according to whatever folder they are. Thus the merged file in Build 01 in my adult female Clothes folder would be named “Clothes AF Build 01.” All the files in Build 02 would be “Clothes AF Build 02” and so on and so forth. Make sense? Finally, I take these merged files and place them into my actual mods folder where it should be.

    I do this same process for all of my CC folders. So all of the original .packages are in the TS3 Backup and only the merged files are in my Mods/Packages folder that correspond to my game. Also note: the only files I NEVER merge is my mods/hacks folder.
  7. Purging — Occasionally there’s a piece of CC that I don’t want in my game anymore and I want to remove it. All I have to do is go to the Build folder it’s found in my TS3 Backup, delete it, remerge the group of files again, and then replace the old merged file with the new one. Simple!
  8. Rinse & Repeat — I do this process every time I download new CC. After a while it gets rather easy and I’m used to it. I feel that this helps with my game loading and overall quality of my game.

Keep in mind that I’m not saying that this is the right way to do it, I’m just simply explaining how I do it! Now I realize that most of you won’t do what I do exactly but I would at least hope that somewhere in this hot mess of a tutorial, you were able to pick out some helpful or informative bits that may help you and your game.  

Important Tips:

  • I also save pictures of clothes, shoes, hair, and eyebrows. I rename the files according to whatever their corresponding .package file is in my TS3 Backup folder. This way I can easily find what I’m looking for plus answer WCIF questions more efficiently. I keep these pictures in a separate folder in the same place I keep my “TS3 Backup” folder.
  • I delete my .cache files before every gameplay session.
  • Once every few weeks I use Kuree’s Save Cleaner on my saves. I’m not really sure if I’ve noticed a significant difference in my game but I do appreciate the megabytes saved!
  • Whenever I get a case of bad CC, I use the Process Monitor method to single it out and then I remove it.
  • I also use Delphy’s Dashboard (Not sure how to use it? Check out this awesome TUTORIAL) on my TS3 Backup folder once every few weeks to see if I have any major issues, conflicts or perhaps duplicates that I may have overlooked.
Posted on May 25, 2013
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