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This has probably already been done before but for those people who have asked me for tips based on how I’ve taken pictures, hopefully this will help. This can be useful for those of you who want to just bookmark this for future reference as well. :)

Here’s some tips and tricks:

  • I use the program FRAPS to take screenshots of my game then I take them into Photoshop for editing/refining.
  • One of the biggest tips I tell people is make sure to have adequate and good lighting! I tend to use these lights when I’m setting up a room for picture taking.
  • I press F10 to remove the user interface (pressing it again will bring it back). Occasionally I’ll use the cheat hideHeadlineEffects on/off which shows or hides talk/thought balloons above Sim heads if they get in the way.
  • Pressing TAB allows you to enter camera mode which helps in taking photos, then while in camera mode holding SHIFT + A or SHIFT + D changes the angle of your photo as well. Pretty useful for some creative shots.
    Note: If you’re having trouble maneuvering the camera angle in the way that you’d like, check out these camera mods by aikea-guinea (camera mode) and buhudain (live mode).
  • Also, if you’re a fan of the HQ mod there’s multiple out. I use the one by Dachssims but S-Club and aWT also carries one.
    Note: Remember to remove the HQ mod if you aren’t running a higher end computer that can take it. You’re pushing the limit of your graphics card while using HQ mods and that is at the risk of overexerting it. If you know your computer can’t handle it, don’t play your game with the HQ mod in but rather only for photoshoots.
  • If you’re not a fan of “glowing white objects” in your game, check out this tutorial by simified to learn how you can easily remove them.

I hope these have helped. Happy picture taking! ♡

Posted on Dec 30, 2013
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